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Want FREE Pet Sitting?

If you are an existing client, you can earn free pet sitting by referring our services to your friends. If someone you refer to us uses our services, you will receive a $10 referral credit once their first reservation is complete. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for using our services and for referring us to others. A personal referral is the best advertising we could ask for. Thanks!

Costa Rican shelter receives donations!

A few months ago I wrote to you about my friend Shari who was living in Costa Rica temporarily. While she was there, she became involved in animal rescue and worked very closely with a woman named Lisa who had turned her home into a shelter. Lisa has no outside funding and depends solely on the generosity of individuals to supplement what she spends personally toward the care and shelter of homeless dogs. Lisa’s home/shelter is in the hills of Costa Rica and is known to the locals as a place to ‘dump’ dogs when they are not wanted or cannot be cared for. Lisa does not turn away any animal in need.

Since Lisa does not have any government assistance or fund-raising opportunities, many of you came forward and donated used towels, rugs, sheets, blankets, pet toys, and lots of other pet- related items. When Shari came to visit in May, we packed as much as we could into space bags and stuffed her suitcases full with almost all of your donations. Anything that would not fit was taken to the Arizona Humane Society (see next story for that successful event!). Some larger items were sold and the money was donated to Lisa to use for the animals.

When Shari returned to Lisa’s shelter in Costa Rica, Lisa was in shock over all the wonderful, near new, items that had been donated. She was so incredibly appreciative and near speechless. She wanted to be sure that everybody knows that every single item will be put to good use on her property, helping to make life a little more comfortable for all the homeless dogs that find their way to her.

The pictures above are of the items in Costa Rica and of two little puppies who are loving their new blankies! THANK YOU so much for taking the time to clear out your closets, garages, boxes, and anywhere else, to give to those less fortunate. As you can see, your effort has touched many furry lives and some human ones as well.

Arizona Humane Society receives donations thanks to generous Pet Sitting Clients!

Earlier this summer we learned that the Arizona Humane Society was in a bit of a crisis with a pet food shortage. The shortage was due partly to the pet food recall situation and because of the overwhelming number of homeless animals being turned into the shelter during the hot summer months. They were especially in need of cat and kitten items. When I learned of this situation, I contacted all of my clients to see if they were able to help. Once again, you all came through! I drove around Gilbert and Chandler collecting dog food, cat food, kitten food, cat litter, toys, household items, etc. from all of you to donate to this worthy cause. I was able to fill the back of my SUV with a variety of items which I took directly to the Humane Society. This trip included approximately 200 lbs of pet food!

THANK YOU again for your generosity!!

Another successful Donation Drive for the AHS!!

Since my pet sitting clients had been so generous, I thought to myself, where else can I collect donations for such a worthy cause. Well, I immediately thought of my former workplace. The police department where I used to work was more than willing to allow me to place collection bins in all five of their office buildings with flyers to collect donations for the Arizona Humane Society. The donation drive went throughout the month of July. I am happy to say that we collected approximately 1000 lbs of pet food and litter, as well as many pet beds, blankets, towels, toys, and much more. I’m also happy to say that they have allowed me to conduct this donation drive on an annual basis! Next spring I hope to collect even more!

In case you are wondering, the Humane Society will take just about anything you want to donate. They obviously use the pet food and litter donations for the animals. As well as the blankets, rugs, towels, etc, either at their location or in their foster homes or at other local rescue groups and shelters. If you donate something that they cannot use directly for the animals, then they will sell the items in their thrift shop and use the money to benefit the programs for the animals. So, next time you think of dealing with the headache of a yard sale, forget it and donate to the AHS instead. If you have large items, they will even pick them up. Contact them at Arizona Humane Society.

Thank you again!

Monsoon Safety for your Pets!

Well, the monsoon season has only been with us for a few weeks and I have already found 3 loose dogs wandering the streets of Gilbert and Chandler as a result. The winds come and the animals get scared and yard gates get blown open. PLEASE lock your gates! PLEASE put ID on your outside pets! Be sure the ID includes your address so the pet can be returned to your yard if you are not home. Also include your cell phone, not your home phone.

Always Wear your Identification!

While I’m on the subject of pet ID; be sure to update your pets’ micro-chip information. If it’s been a while check with the chip company to ensure that they have your correct cell phone numbers and address. Also, list a secondary contact in case you are not reachable when your pet is found…perhaps your pet sitter!!

If you don’t know which company your chip is associated with, you should have paperwork or the original ID tag that came with the chip. If all else fails, you should be able to have your pets’ chip ‘scanned’ by a local vet to read the chip and provide you with the necessary information. Some of the common microchip companies are Home Again, Avid, and AKC CAR.

Remember, micro-chipping your pet is very inexpensive ($35 at the Arizona Humane Society), a great way to make sure he is returned to you, and no more painful than a simple vaccination. If you love ‘em, don’t lose ‘em!

Sit! Stay! Fetch! Sing! Play!

Does your dog listen to you? Or does he stare at you in confusion when you try to correct him or scold him for some bad behavior? Are you tired of coming home to shredded shoes or wet carpet? Are you embarrassed to have company over because your dogs jump on everybody?

Well, worry no more. If you and your dog are in need of Obedience, Behavior Modification, or Problem Solving Training, look no further. Stacie with Pawsitive Performance has over fifteen years of training experience. She offers personal one-on-one training with you and your pet at your home. She has been teaching Obedience classes for the City of Scottsdale Parks and Recreation Department for over ten years. She has a wonderful approach to dog training; no clickers, no treat training, and no abusive methods. She does what is best for you and your dog.

Give her a call or send her an email today to see when you can get started. Stacie 480-326-3505 or You’ll be glad you did!
Sorry, she doesn’t train dogs to sing and play piano!

Need an Extra Hand or an Extra Hour?

If you are an established pet sitting client we offer some additional services that you may find useful. With today's busy lifestyles everybody can use a helping hand to get things done. We are now offering these services to you, our existing clients. Since this is new for us, please be patient as we do our best to make it work for everyone. If there is something you need that you don't see on the list, please ask and I'll do my best to help you. Rest assured that Pet Sitting is and will always be our Number One Priority!

Personal Errands
Dry Cleaning, Post office, Groceries, Pet store, Shopping for gifts, Returning items to store, Waiting in line to buy tickets, Online shopping, Banking, Video rentals/returns, Dropping off/picking up film, Etc.

Personal Assistant
Wrapping presents, Light office work (stuffing envelopes/letters/faxes/copies), Waiting for home services to arrive (Phone/cable/carpet cleaners/etc), Picking up pre-made meals for your family, Party Preparation and Cleanup (bartending/coat-checking/food refilling), Wedding Day assistant, Amateur photography at small events (instead of you taking photos, you relax and I'll do it; not to take place of professional photographer; candids only), Organizing and sharing your digital photos online

Home Organization
Unpacking from a move, Setting up the new house/office/closets

Additional Pet Services
Vet appointments, Grooming appointments, Pet Waste pickup only (1-3 times per week), Scrapbooking your pet photos

Pet Food Recall Update!

This wonderful website, The National Pet Foundation, will email you every time a new pet food is recalled…for FREE! Just go to their site and sign up by entering your email. That’s it. There is no lengthy sign up process and you don’t get spammed by them. It’s a great way to stay on top of this continuing pet food disaster. Do it for your pets!

Your Pets and your home's security are our Number One Priority!

I just wanted to let you know that while you may see us driving around town with magnetic advertising on our vehicles, rest assured that we will never do pet sitting with the advertising displayed. We would never want to jeopardize the safety of your home by showing others that you are out of town. We pride ourselves on being conscientious of all aspects of caring for your home and pets. Thank you!

New Business Web Address:

Our business website address is changing. The new address is The old address will still work for a while, but please bookmark this new address. Our newsletter, that you are currently reading, will not be changing. It will stay at Thank you for your loyalty and continued business.

Let's Help these Homeless Pets find their Forever Homes!

As many of you know, I have an email distribution list that forwards emails regarding poor, helpless animals who need your help. These animals have often been abused, neglected, or have been the unfortunate victims of bad circumstances. The animals are usually located in the Phoenix area, but are sometimes in other parts of the state.

When I receive these emails, I forward them to as many people as possible. While the recipient of the email may not be looking to add to their family, they may know someone who is, or may have a large work or personal network to which they can forward the email far and wide. As the saying goes; ‘and so on, and so on, and so on’. By forwarding these emails, we can know that we are doing something positive to try to help those pets who are less fortunate. I am very happy to say that I hear about many happy endings as a result of the emails being forwarded! Some of my clients have even adopted some of the animals themselves!

If you are not on my distribution list and would like to be added, please contact me.
Thank you!

Supply or 'Stuff' Donations for Shelters

Doing some spring cleaning? Need to clean out the garage? Do you have items to get rid of, but don’t know how to put them to good use? If you have anything that is pet-related or not, I can take it off your hands and pass it on to a good cause. The Arizona Humane Society has a thrift shop where they sell items to earn money for their many animal-friendly programs. Many local shelters can also use your pet-related donations of old towels, sheets, blankets, dog and cat toys, bowls, etc. If you have anything you’d like to donate, let me know and I’ll happily pick it up from my clients or refer you to where to take it. Let’s remember those less fortunate animals out there. Thank you for your generosity!

More about the Pet Food Recall

As we all know by now, there has been a tragic problem with pet foods over the past few months. This horrible incident has led to a huge recall of pet food.

Since the list of recalled foods is changing daily, rather than trying to keep it updated on here, I have found a few websites that appear to be staying on top of it. These websites are provided for your convenience only.
US Food and Drug Administration (unfortunately this site is not as current as it should be)

I’m sad to say that this awful problem has touched my friends and clients personally. My thoughts are with you and your pets. Please check this blog frequently as I will attempt to keep it updated as more and more information is published about pet food problems. Be well…

Happy Valentine's Day!

The right way to Give Pets as Presents:

While we all love animals, giving a pet as a gift isn't always the best option. Deciding whether or not to have a pet is a big decision and selecting the right pet takes lots of consideration.
It may seem very tempting to give your loved one a new puppy or kitten for Valentine’s Day. They sure are cute and cuddly! But why not present your loved one with a gift certificate to adopt from your local shelter, or take a trip to the shelter together? This will prevent putting the 'wrong' pet in the 'wrong' home and turning a wonderful idea into a stressful situation.
Saving a life is always a great idea, but remember, let's save them forever, not just for now.

Let's help those animals in need!

Something FREE and EASY and FAST you can do to help needy animals!

Many of you already know about this wonderful thing you can do to help feed all the needy animals out there. It's FREE and EASY and it only takes a moment as you are getting on the computer each day. You can do it once a day and it really does work!
All you have to do is go to and click on the purple box that reads 'feed an animal in need'.
The Animal Rescue Site's corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. (Weight Watchers is one of the sponsors!)
You'll feel good knowing you do something every day to help those in need. Thank you!!!